3: 4 ways to survive nursing school

For those of you who are planning a career change now or are making your first career in the nursing profession, this episode is for you.

These are some of the necessary things you will need to do in order to become a nurse…

Make a list of the first steps you need to help you stay on task. This might include your top 3 nursing program schools, admissions processes for each, accreditation, as well as comparing financial costs of each program.

Prepare your support network and especially yourself mentally for your transition into nursing school.

● Reasons school is difficult? TIME

● You must be or get VERY organized

● Prepare your family and support system by talking to them honestly.

● Some things will not be as much of a priority anymore. You have to honestly evaluate the most important things in your life and learn how to juggle them accordingly.

BUDGET!!!!If you do not have a financial plan it is going to be 10 times more difficult! Some students fail out of school because they didn’t have a solid financial plan. Every dollar needs to have a name or you will lose it.

Keep your passion for nursing fueled!

● Journal about why you love nursing or want to be a nurse and then update it throughout nursing school.

● Jump into career planning for nurses, learn about all the different kinds of nurses out there, especially OUTSIDE of the hospital to help keep you motivated and excited.

● Network with nurses you meet during clinical rotations or in real life. Connecting with them and learning about them will continue to fuel your fire for nursing.

● Do the same for your patients. Learn to connect and listen to others in general. Everyone has an amazing story to tell.