20 Tips for the new nurse

Of course, this is not an all inclusive list of tips for the new nurse however these are the topics that come up the most in our support group! We talk about each item in more detail on the show. Search “The Honest Nurse” anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Feel free to join us here:

1.       Listen to your patients

2.       Plan for the Worst

3.       Be Assertive

4.       Take care of yourself

5.       Be on time

6.       Remain Calm

7.       Don’t complain

8.       Think before answering

9.       Invest in your education as soon as possible

10.   Soak up as much knowledge around as you can

11.   Treat yourself every once in a while

12.   Be the nurse you want for yourself or a loved one

13.   Admit mistakes

14.   Ask for help

15.   Get some good shoes

16.   Study your medications

17.   Any time you call a provider, have a paper pen and patient chart with you when possible.

18.   Learn organization skills

19.   Preserve your integrity

20.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions