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A couple of items:

  • I’ve sent a request out for multiple nurse brains as I am building a workbook for different report sheets to give to you guys for free.

  • Anyone who would like to donate their nurse brain feel free to email me or message me on facebook,instagram or twitter.

  • The podcast will soon be streaming on !!!

  • Also, anyone else who wants to join in for a short clip on what it’s like working with medics email me at I still have a couple of spots available.

How have I managed to do All the Things? What I mean by that--- pregnancy in nursing school, raising kids, other responsibilities, and taking care of myself.

To be honest- its really about mindset. “I want to be a nurse but I need to also be a good parent/spouse/ etc. The thing is these things can go together, not work opposite.

Supervisors, Preceptors, and Getting Help


  • No matter where you work unless you work for yourself you will have one of these.

  • Find out who your immediate supervisor is, if you work nights etc most likely is your charge nurse.

  • Your supervisor needs you to be part of a team to handle the responsibility of the unit.

Expectations of your Supervisor

  • Find out what they are clearly, then meet and exceed them.

  • Be on time for work (Be ready before the shift starts)

  • Show up when scheduled

  • Be a team player

  • Do your job

  • Ask questions when you need help

  • Be honest

  • Don’t be a time waster

  • Appropriately use your resources

  • Have a good attitude'

  • Communicate regularly and clearly

What to expect FROM your supervisor:

  • Not just a boss, but a mentor and knowledgeable as well.

  • Supportive, opportunities to learn and grow, feedback, fair evaluations, and suggestions to be a better employee.

  • You get what you give

Getting along-   

  • Everyone has different personalities and management styles. Get to know them and find out what’s important to them.

  • Difficult supervisors- maintain respect for their position

  • Reserve judgement and decide for themselves if they are difficult to get along with

  • Form your own opinions

  • Don’t develop or buy into us/vs/them mentality

  • Respect each person’s role and go from there.

Supervisors carry a huge responsibility, and their job isn’t easy. Especially middle management. Try and learn from them and get to know them. You may have something in common.

Complement them on what they do well- Sincere positive feedback is not “kissing up”

If you are in a seminar or continuing education get extra sets of handouts


  • Either volunteered or was chosen

  • There to show you the ropes

  • Get the most out of your preceptor- ask questions, observe, look for new skills or experience

  • Thank them for their help

  • Should have regular meetings

Getting Help

  • First choice most likely your preceptor

  • Consider other resources if not available

  • Find out who your educator is

  • Ask alot of questions- be assertive about your needs

  • Show initiative - seek new opportunities to learn and observe procedures and volunteer to help (always scary the first time)

  • Know how to look up a policy or procedure in your facility- Understand workplace protocols and know your chain of command.

  • Look for friendly competent people, does not always have to be a nurse.

  • Focus on your own learning- look up cases you had that day and try to learn as much as possible now that you’ve seen it in real life.

Keeping Track of Progress

  • Seek feedback

  • Don’t take criticism personally - you may come across feedback in not so nice of a way but you will be ok and learn from it.

  • Don’t be a know it all- take time to learn how it is done where you now work and why and over time, your suggestions will be welcome.

How to be promotable from the beginning

  • When presenting a concern offer a solution

  • Good attitude

  • Physical appearance and body language

  • Serious initiative- let yourself learn, don’t wait on someone else to teach you

  • Outstanding work habits- come in early, dont call out sick excessively.

  • Be a role model- be helpful, considerate, respectful, and trustworthy to all.

  • Be a work in progress- continually work on professional and personal development