Just starting out?

Hi Team!

I am so excited you’ve made it to my blog! I have so much information and stories to share with you…

Are you thinking of becoming a nurse? Already in nursing school? Working your first year as a new grad? No matter what stage in nursing you might be in, there is always something you can offer others.

You might have heard the saying “Nurses eat their young”. Well I’m here to say we also support our young too. Don’t let the bad reputation of some nurses ruin it for the rest. It is because of nurses’ love for teaching that I became a nurse. They took me under and taught me so many things that I would never have learned in a classroom.

You might be feeling worried right now, overwhelmed or even afraid. That is completely normal. Nobody jumps into nursing completely confident and if they did I would be very wary of them. You are going to learn so much and help so many people. Welcome to the honor that which is nursing!