What makes a good mentor?


So I’ve recently been on a mentor kick. Basically everyone I’ve spoken to about the podcast is either a mentor of mine or someone I’ve mentored myself. It’s amazing how many friends we can pick up along the way of nursing. This got me thinking, what makes a good mentor?

  1. Ability to listen

    How can I be available to guide and encourage others if I’m not listening and hearing what they are struggling with?

  2. Patience

    This can get challenging especially if you are a bedside nurse because things can get hectic and stress levels are high. But there are mentors who may not be preceptors and they are valuable in that you can rely on their guidance and opinion when things get tricky.

  3. Open Minded

    There is more than one way to skin a cat. In my most recent podcast interview Nurse Jeannie talks about her process with orientees to get them to come up with their own solutions to challenges at the bedside. It takes a special leader to be able to do that without losing their shit and she fully commits to that process.

  4. Last but not least- A love for nursing.

    What good is a mentor who is unhappy with nursing? Most likely they will negatively effect you instead of being able to guide you in the right direction.

There is definitely more to this list but we can always add to it later. “Nursing is 24/7”

Patricia Hope