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Welcome to the podcast! Are you thinking of going to school to be a nurse? Having trouble navigating through nursing school? Anxiety about your boards? Wondering how to recognize a good employer? Looking for motivation, encouragement and tips? You are not alone! Almost all nursing students struggle with these same issues and that is where I am hoping to help.

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13. Supervisors Preceptors and Getting Help

Some realistic tips and suggestions for learning how to work with a nursing supervisor, having your first preceptor, and asking for help when you need it. Also, the podcast will soon be featured on AllNurses.com!!


12. Being present for the dying patient

Caring for the dying patient: How to be present for the patient and family while also taking care of yourself.


11. The 1st year nurse: your new career

What is the difference between a Nurse Externship and a Nurse Internship? What will you need your first day on the job? How will you ace that interview? How do you know it will be a good fit? These and more important tips and advice regarding your first job as a new nurse graduate.


10. the nurse diaries: how nursing makes you stronger

Listen to this inspiring interview with Nurse Heather, who completed nursing school, nurse residency, different nursing roles, and mentoring other nurses all while taking care of her Dad.


9: 20 Tips for the new nurse

Let’s discuss what seasoned nurses are talking about!


8: Qualities of a good employer

What makes a good employer? What are some things you need to know before the interview and what should you ask your potential employer? How do you recognize red flags and how do you get out of a bad employment fit? All these and more this week. Click below to listen.

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7: Current issues nurses face

A discussion about three main issues nurses are facing today. Safe staffing ratios, violence in the workplace, and lack of self-care.


6: The Nurse Diaries: My mentors

An interview of my first mentor, Nurse Jeannie


5: Worried about affording school?

Learn how to budget, navigate financial aid, and find free money.


4: Top Questions Nursing students are asking

We polled several groups of nursing students and here were the most common questions we found…


3: 4 Ways to survive NURSING school

For those of you who are planning a career change now or are making your first career in the nursing profession, this episode is for you: These are 4 things you will need to do in order to become a nurse…


2: What Exactly is a nurse?

What are some definitions of nursing? Let’s take a look at the history of nursing and how nursing has evolved all because of one main thing. Education.


1: so you want to be a nurse?

What is it about nursing that is interesting to you? Lets explore some reasons why people are drawn to nursing.


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New episode every Monday